Here's to cold emails and taking chances!

A year ago tonight (Jan 12, 2018), probably around this exact time (10:30 P.M.) and after a glass of wine (also having one now!), I decided to email one of my idols and ask for a job.


As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, listening to The Honest Designers Show was extremely influential to me making some seriously positive changes in my career. I am a dedicated listener and in one of the episodes towards the end of 2017, Lisa Glanz ( mentioned that she was looking for an assistant and would be interviewing after the holidays.

Should I apply?

She was probably looking for someone local (she’s in South Africa), She’s probably got so many people emailing her with their huge talent, I’m too shy to apply, she won’t hire me, I’m probably not what she’s looking for, etc. etc. etc. All the negative thoughts that discourage us from taking chances…you know the ones.

The holidays came and went. She had said “after the holidays”. Here it was January 12th. Was that too early? Was that too late?

After a glass of wine on the couch, scrolling through Instagram, Friday night…I said “Why not?” Just send her a casual email, tell her you’re a fan of the show and inquire if she is still looking for someone.

The next morning when I woke up she had replied! Yes she was looking for someone and yes I should apply. And less than a month later I was hired! It’s been almost a year now and I still can’t believe my incredible good fortune.

So here’s to taking chances! Why not put yourself out there? Have a glass of wine first if you must, but take that chance, send that email, make that call or apply for that job!! Why not???

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