Blueberries for July!

I had so much fun on the sketches for this set, but when it came time to turn into vectors and colorize, I really struggled. I'm going to keep pushing it to try and get it to what I want it to be. While doing this I definitely had a moment of "This is terrible, you suck, why did you ever think you were a good illustrator, just stick with packaging and the admin work you do for more talented people, maybe go back to waitressing, etc, etc"

I know everybody - even my heroes - have moments of self doubt. I think listening to The Honest Designers Podcast - link below - has really helped me realize that this stuff isn't easy and just because you may have always thought you were a good illustrator doesn't mean you don't have to practice and work at it. All of their stories are incredibly inspiring and, well, honest. Check it out if you need some insight, inspiration and camaraderie in your creative struggles.