I can’t help but reflect on the year that is coming to a close. So much changed for me career-wise. And it all really began when I discovered Lisa Glanz’s work. I started listening to her podcast: The Honest Designers Show. I joined Instagram. I launched my own website.

Before that, I was seriously considering giving up on graphic design altogether. This show offers so much real-world advice and inspiration. I started listening in August of 2017. By the end of 2017, I had started drawing again and sharing my work online via Instagram. I decided to get a website. Both of these things led to job opportunities and totally re-invigorated my love of design and illustration.

In March of 2018, I found a part time job with an extremely flexible schedule. Just what I needed to be able to spend more time working on freelance projects and illustrating, while also trying something totally new.

I really hope 2019 brings more of the same. All I can say is, put yourself out there, find a community of people with shared interests and don’t hold back. It’s amazing what happens when you do. Happy New Year!