Finally started a facebook business page...

I’ve taken several skillshare classes on marketing. Researched the internet. Listened to the Honest Designers advice on social media…but I’ve been very reluctant to start a facebook business page. Part of it is because I’m super shy and rarely talk about, or boast about, my accomplishments or work I’m proud of. I’ve been working with a particular incredibly talented illustrator who asked me to set a facebook page up for her. This proved to be the little push I needed…after all, I wanted to have some actual experience doing it for myself first! What do you think? Have you had any experience with this yourself? I’d love to know your thoughts…

Blueberries for July!

I had so much fun on the sketches for this set, but when it came time to turn into vectors and colorize, I really struggled. I'm going to keep pushing it to try and get it to what I want it to be. While doing this I definitely had a moment of "This is terrible, you suck, why did you ever think you were a good illustrator, just stick with packaging and the admin work you do for more talented people, maybe go back to waitressing, etc, etc"

I know everybody - even my heroes - have moments of self doubt. I think listening to The Honest Designers Podcast - link below - has really helped me realize that this stuff isn't easy and just because you may have always thought you were a good illustrator doesn't mean you don't have to practice and work at it. All of their stories are incredibly inspiring and, well, honest. Check it out if you need some insight, inspiration and camaraderie in your creative struggles.


happy girl reading

Having fun with brushes and sketching in Ai. Added an old paper texture as an overlay to give it a little oomph. Practicing everyday and getting better. 


baby books...

I love baby books. the simple shapes and minimal text. Usually bright colors. This is a little different technique for me. I learned this from Lisa Glanz's skill share class. Link below

I like a lot about this but I still not happy with how my sketch ends up looking flat. Maybe I need to add shadows?

I have to also give a shout out to Christophe Jacques who I discovered on Instagram: which led me to an article about his process and using the technique of adding scanned paper images to give depth to your work. 

Another favorite of mine is

I just love how not realistic her art is. I get so hung up on things not being in proportion, not looking realistic and then I remind myself of her work and how fun and playful it is. Her eyeballs are never lined up perfectly but usually very askew. And I love it!


Happy Fourth of July 2018

Having a bit of fun with Ai and the blob brush. Still haven't perfected the technique of scanning in sketches and converting them to vector. I get hung up on the jaggedy bits and then get hung up on the too smooth bits. I am having fun practicing though. I'm committed to practicing everyday now. Maybe this set I'm working on will be ready for the Etsy shop in 6 months. I guess what I really should be working on is Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to get a jump on things. But I'm inspired by summer and since I'm looking at the long game I think it's ok. Happy Fourth of July! I am proud to be an American. 


more library...this time audio books

I love audio books. it's especially cool when the actual author reads their own story. My favorite one so far is Rachel Dratch's "A girl walks into a bar..." an Autobiography. She is hilarious and very relatable and down to earth. Probably not a kids book, though. :)


more library/summer reading practice.

I had a really tough time with the basic shape of this one. It doesn't always turn out the way I see it in my head but I still like the result and I had fun doing it. I've always been a sucker for a thick outline.




Fairy Day 2018

In keeping with my library themed illustrations, I wanted to have a mouse on top of a stack of books...then I realized it was Fairy Day (thank you Instagram) so I switched it to a fairy. I'm pretty happy with this but still working on turning my sketches into finished work. I took Lisa Glanz's Skillshare class on this exact subject and I learned some really cool tricks. I really like scanning everything in as separate elements and then layering them together. Almost like collage or paper dolls. 

 I think this last one could make a really cute bookmark, book label (remember when those were all the rage?) or a reusable tote - perhaps from a bookstore.

I think this last one could make a really cute bookmark, book label (remember when those were all the rage?) or a reusable tote - perhaps from a bookstore.

Working on some fun book themed illustrations...

My kids always say " me like..." I don't know if that's a thing or not but I like it! This girl is inspired by Roald Dahl's character Matilda. I love her because she has a thirst for knowledge and reads everything she can. She rises above her family circumstances and makes a life of her own. Dahl created a heroic girl in Matilda. The movie is also great! What's your favorite Roald Dahl book? 


So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.” 
― Roald Dahl, Matilda